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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences


Geology and Geography

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Timothy R Carr

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Ryan Shackleton

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Peter Sullivan


The Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation in the Appalachian basin is a world class unconventional reservoir. The Marcellus Formation in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania has comparable thickness, depth, reservoir pressure, total organic carbon, and thermal maturity in comparison to other areas within the Appalachian basin. However, lower natural gas production is observed in this area. Structural complexity, natural fracturing, and rock mechanics in the study area negatively affect fracture stimulation, and can potentially hinder gas production. Two fault models using depth converted 3D seismic highlight structural complexity. A geomechanical model, and microseismic analysis using r(t) plots, and b-values highlight effects of natural fracturing. During stage two of the microseismic well, hydraulic connectivity occurred within a fault damage zone related to a cross-strike, strike-slip fault. Triaxial strain core tests and rock property determination from well logs highlight brittle and ductile shale zones.