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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural & Extension Education

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Stacy A Gartin

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Jessica M Blythe

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Harry N Boone


Cooperating teachers face challenges when supervising student teachers. This study aimed to identify perceived challenges by secondary agricultural educators when supervising a student teacher from West Virginia University's Agricultural Education and Extension department. The cooperating teachers were asked to identify perceived challenges that their student teachers encountered along with the challenges they encountered as a cooperating teacher. The study also aimed to discover how significant the cooperating teachers felt those challenges were and how frequently they occurred with student teachers they had. Using a descriptive research modified Delphi study the population was able to list the challenges and express the significance and frequency of those challenges. The results from all three phases produced different challenges that cooperating teachers perceived. Phase II produced 14 challenges related to the student teacher and three challenges rated to the cooperating teacher. These included discipline procedures, content knowledge, preparation, time management, and time commitment to the student teaching experience. The three challenges cooperating teachers identified themselves encountering were related to needed materials and time commitment associated with being a student teacher in the agricultural education field. Based on the results of the study department faculty is able to address them before sending student teachers out. The study also opened other windows for research.