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College of Creative Arts


Graphic Design

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Shoji Satake

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Dylan Collins

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Jason Lee

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Robert Moore

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Kristina Olson

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Naijun Zhang


This written thesis is the supporting documentation for A Case of the Mundanes, my Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition. The exhibition seeks to give a visual presence to the seemingly trivial and overlooked moments of everyday life. It contains six individual sculptures made of handmade ceramic forms, fabricated mixed media elements, and modified found objects. The intention of A Case of the Mundanes is to combine nuances of humor to bring lightheartedness to the foibles and anxieties found in everyday life. The exhibition combines familiar and surreal representations to explore the way in which an artwork's meaning can shift, as well as the way in which the viewer can enter into the work based on their own subjective reality. By employing these strategies, the work seeks to raise questions regarding the complexities and paradoxes found in the everyday.