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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural & Extension Education

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Deborah A Boone

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Jessica M Blythe

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Harry N Boone


The main purpose of this descriptive study was to identify current issues faced by Northeastern pick-your-own highbush blueberry producers. The study found that average northeastern pick-your-own highbush blueberry producers had been in business 25.99 years and maintained from 0.25 to 45 acres of blueberries. Targeted issues included insects, disease, weeds, wildlife management, and marketing. Top issues identified by highbush blueberry producers were: Japanese beetles, mummy berry, and birds, as well as blueberry maggot, witches broom, weed management, labor/labor costs, weather, government regulation, and spotted wing drosophila. It was found that a majority of the producers did not plan to expand their operations in the next 5 years and had not planted new cultivars since 1999. This study sought to identify contact frequency and form of information exchanged between pick-your-own producers and their local Extension Service. Participants reported they had contact with an extension agent/specialist once every six months and information was exchanged mostly in the form of newsletters and farm visits. Findings indicated that producers preferred to receive information in the form of e-mail and identified online websites as their best source of blueberry information.