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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural & Extension Education

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Stacy A Gartin

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Jessica M Blythe

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Harry N Boone, Jr


The purpose of this study was to determine retired secondary agriculture educators' perceptions on the various challenges, barriers, as well as successes and satisfaction of teaching high school agriculture in West Virginia. The researcher chose to conduct a qualitative study through semi-structured interviews. This study was limited to five retired agriculture instructors who retired within the past 10 years. The researcher found the following: high satisfaction in career choice, strong support for the total programs from multiple facets including community, administration and parents, adult education programming is a vital part of the total program and support, FFA is vital to overall student success and development, background greatly influences career choice in agricultural education, balancing life and time is great challenge faced by agriculture instructors, retirement is a strong, fulfilling aspect of career satisfaction.