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College of Creative Arts


Art Education

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Victoria J. Fergus

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Ronald Aman

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Robert Bridges


This thesis was constructed to investigate the topic of displaying student artwork and projects in the online realm of art galleries. A research study was conducted questioning participants about their previous encounters with online art galleries and displaying student work. These participants were educators from various fields of study that created art related projects with their students. Participants were then introduced to the online art gallery, Artsonia and photographing student art. Benefits from joining Artsonia included parental contact, promotion of school art programs, possible fundraising opportunities, free lesson plan ideas, and increased student participation. Participants were also given the opportunity to explore the website on their own in pursuit of knowledge they found useful to their field of study. At the conclusion of the workshop participants were questioned about their experiences and what they found useful in the activity. This information was analyzed to find common links concerning displaying projects both traditionally and online. Participants in the research workshop noted that the website, Artsonia, was easy to navigate and thought the features were a useful teacher aid. Results from the workshop and readings found that educators felt it important to display work for student self-esteem and psychological development but have had difficulties with traditional display methods. Educators and scholars additionally thought it important to display student art as a technique for advocating art into an educational setting.