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Andrea R Taliaferro

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Sean M Bulger

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Emily M Jones

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Gary J Lhotsky


Background: The World Health Organization's Global Drowning Report (2014) listed action steps to reduce drowning globally, with the last action step highlighting the need to address priority research with well-designed studies. While drowning injury and fatality rates remain largely unchanged in recent years in the United States, existing research has not developed a supportive foundation to identify priority research questions.;Purpose: The purpose of this study was to conduct a 3-round Delphi procedure to determine and prioritize future research questions associated with drowning prevention education in the United States.;Design & Methodology: This research employed a 3-round Delphi procedure to (1) survey experts to brainstorm research questions needing to be addressed in the US and (2) seek a consensus on the rating of importance of each research question. Following consensus building, a qualitative cluster analysis was completed to highlight related themes among research questions.;Results: The results of the Delphi brainstorming resulted in 251 responses from 74 participants. After a qualitative content analysis, 101 research questioned emerged. Each research question was then rated by participants on a 7-point Likert scale of importance. Results of the Delphi reveled 9 priority (?6) research questions and 75 moderately important (?5) research questions. A qualitative cluster analysis revealed six distinct categories: (1) Education and Programming Effectiveness, (2) Lifeguard Protocols and Victim Recognition, (3) Aquatic Policy and Safety, (4) Surveillance Data, (5) Communication and Public Awareness, and (6) Socio-Cultural and Demographic Factors..;Conclusion: Results of this study give an in-depth analysis of priority research questions while providing framework for impactful future research studies and educational programming endeavors.