Wei Chen Lin

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College of Creative Arts


School of Music

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James Miltenberger

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Peter Amstutz

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William Haller

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Andrea Houde

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Bernie Schultz


This research project is to introduce piano compositions by two living composers: David Gordon Duke and Stefan Young. The specific repertoire chosen for this study includes the following: Preludes (1980s), Postcards (1980s), and Sonatina (1977) by David Duke; and Prelude (1991), From the Dark Woods (1991), Meditation (2002), and La Guitarra (1993) by Stefan Young. This paper explores aspects of piano pedagogy and performance such as: (1) the basic technical approach; (2) suggestions for specific sound production; (3) interpretation of complex meters; (4) recommendations for pedaling and fingering; (5) observations of dynamics and articulations. The material discussed spans a broad range of technical challenges from elementary to advanced levels. The choice of the works of these two composers is intended to give teachers as well as students additional options for repertoire selection. Moreover, these pieces provide effective first engagement with contemporary music and are a viable substitute for some standard works that feature similar twentieth-century compositional techniques and ideas. It is hoped that this study will encourage pianists to appreciate music of their own time and place, thus fostering the continuing support and development of new music.