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This study investigated reflective judgment scores of students enrolled in business-related programs of study with junior and senior academic standing from institutions of higher education accredited by the Council of Higher Education in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States during Fall 2011, Spring 2012 and Summer 2012 semesters. Data were collected from students using a self-administered electronic questionnaire. Student reflective judgment scores were determined by employing the Reasoning about Critical Issues (RCI) questionnaire, a proprietary instrument. Eighty-seven students completed all components of the questionnaire to enable a reflective judgment score to be determined. On average, senior respondents in this study experienced higher RCI scores (M = 4.807, SE = 0.120) than junior respondents (M = 4.642, SE = 0.213), although this difference was not statistically significant (t = -0.725; df = 85; p = .107) and represented a small degree of association (r = 0.012). The scores of both junior and senior students were positioned in stage four of reflective judgment with a mean score equaling 4.807 for seniors and 4.642 for juniors; stage four thinking in the Reflective Judgment Model is categorized as quasi-reflective thinking.