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Athletic Coaching Education

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Kristen Dieffenbach

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Wayda Valerie

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Robert Wiegand


Background/Purpose: To explore the continuing education dispositions of collegiate football strength and conditioning coaches in the NCAA-DI. Methods: Qualitative content analysis was used on data collected via online questionnaire and semi-structured interviews to explore the learning habits and values toward career long learning of eight (n=8) active collegiate football strength and conditioning coaches certified with either the National Strength and Conditioning Association or College Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, and in full time employment as a college strength and conditioning coach for at least ten years. Results: Results identified themes associated with how coaches engage in continuing education throughout their careers and how they value such experiences. Coaches also provided insight in regard to how they felt continuing education could be improved for their personal practice and for future generations of strength and conditioning coaches. Conclusion: Findings support previous literature pertaining to how continuing education can exist as formal, informal, or nonformal and can be meticulously planned or interwoven into the day to day experiences of professionals.