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College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences


Sport and Exercise Psychology

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Valeriya Gritsenko

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Peter Ellaway

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James Lewis

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Jean McCrory

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Sergiy Yakovenko


Movement is a complex task, requiring precise and coordinated muscle contractions. The forces and torques produced during multi-segmental movement of the upper limbs in humans, must be controlled, in order for movement to be achieved successfully. Although a critical aspect of everyday life, there remain questions regarding the specific controller used by the central nervous system to govern movement. Furthermore, how this system is affected by neurological injuries such as stroke also remains in question. It was the goal of this thesis to examine the neurological control of movement in healthy individuals and apply these findings to the further investigation of chronically motor impaired stroke patients. Additionally, this work aimed at providing clinicians with a more reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive approach to quantify post-stroke motor impairment.