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This research paper studies the piano piece Three Minds composed by Narong Prangcharoen. The main focus is the analysis of its three movements: "Fierce," "Absent," and "Hesitant," of which only the first movement receives an in-depth analysis. In addition, the composer's biography, his musical style, a complete list of his composition, and historical background of Three Minds are included.;Prangcharoen, Thai native composer, became well known in the early 2000s. His music uniquely fuses Thai and Western elements. This is found in the first movement "Fierce" with the influence from ranad, a Thai wooden xylophone. As his music is bound within the context of Western concert music, the piano work Three Minds features characteristics in common with much other contemporary music. These include complex rhythms, metric change, ostinato, atonality with the preference of tritone, and the exploitation of overtone effects on the piano.