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School of Nursing


Adult Health

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Marilyn Smith

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Susan Newfield

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Mary Jane Smith


This quality improvement project examined the effectiveness of the use of the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program for educating 9th grade students. Pre-tests and post-tests were administered to twelve participating students which focused on knowledge about depression, suicide and suicide prevention. A t-test was performed to evaluate a difference in pre-test and post-test scores. A single open-ended question was included on the post-test, "Please write 2 things you could do to prevent suicide?" Results were found to be statistically significant (t(11) = 4.432, p=11), 95% confidence interval (-2.49, -0.84). The overall mean difference was -1.67. Additional descriptive data was collected through group discussion on, "What kind of changes may you see in a friend that could be a potential sign of depression?" Based on review of the test scores and individual and group responses, the implementation of the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program demonstrated potential benefits that a public school system could have by establishing a role in the mental health education and suicide prevention efforts.