Kyle Walter

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College of Creative Arts


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Jerry McGonigle

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Leland Blair


I was actually fortunate enough to choose the role I could use to write my thesis on during my last year of graduate school here at West Virginia University. I played the role of Martin in Theresa Rebeck's Seminar in the production of the WVU School of Theatre and Dance season; however I chose to use Oberon for multiple reasons.;I was originally going to use both roles and write a sort of compare and contrast document. I realize that would have been a "Midsummer Nightmare." So this decision led me here, taking on Oberon. I wanted to attempt to put aside any preconceived notions of the role or the play for that matter, and work from the ground up. A truthful, fresh look at one of theatre's most classic comedies was needed for this particular experience. In this complete evaluation, I will expand on my experience going through the journey of taking the role from black and white words on the page to a living, breathing human being, or king of the fairies rather, and how the approach weaved and wound from the read through to closing night; all while getting a chance to work with my MFA head. Only time and the following pages will tell the story of A to Z, and all the letters in between.