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Reed College of Media

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Rita F Colistra

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Julia D Fraustino

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Thomas Stewart


The purpose of this research is to explore consumers' general uses of nutrient content claims on food packaging. In addition, the research looks at an individual's self-reported health orientation, as well as their personal online media usage. This study used quantitative research to explore these factors. An online survey of the individuals who make personal health and food choices was conducted to better understand their reported uses of nutritional claims, as well as their lifestyle habits. Findings suggest that individuals do use nutrient content claims while looking at food packaging, and that this significantly relates to their health orientation and online media exposure and attention. More specifically, the more that individuals use claims, the more health oriented they will be. The information gathered in this research will help to improve understanding consumers' methods while looking at nutrient content claims on food packaging, which have implications for understanding different elements of their personal health. This information will also provide food companies and marketers insight as to where consumers are online, and the ways that usage impacts consumers' use nutrient content claims.