Tak Chiu Wong

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Michael Ibrahim

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Yoav Kaddar

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David Taddie


Throughout the Western music tradition, transcription has been an important mechanism for the creation of new instrumental repertoire. This project intends to create new repertoire for the saxophone by transcribing an appropriate composition upon a non-western aesthetic. The works by Chinese-American composer Chen Yi are known for their merging of Oriental and Western aesthetics, and Chinese Folk Dance Suite is particularly well-suited for this endeavor.;A brief history of transcription is examined in the introductory chapter. The following two chapters investigate the life and music of Chen, including her musical style, unique instrumental resources, and works for the saxophone. The compositional background of Chinese Folk Dance Suite, including the origins and borrowed materials from Chinese tradition in each movement, is examined in chapter four. The last two chapters include a discussion of the methodology used in the transcription process and, finally, the transcription itself. A conclusion is provided in chapter seven.