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This research project examines selected contemporary chamber-music works with piano by Colombian composers. It describes the different styles, techniques, pianistic elements, and pedagogical approaches present in: Rapsodia (Rhapsody) for clarinet and piano (2000) by Jorge Alejandro Salazar (b. 1978); A la Memoria de 21 Angeles (In memory of 21 Angels) for trumpet and piano (2014) by Mauricio Arias (b. 1984); Andromeda for violin and piano (2007) and Scorpius for soprano, violin and piano (2010) by Jorge Humberto Pinzon (b. 1968); Into the Silence for violin, clarinet and piano (2011) by Paola Marquez (b. 1978); and Dospianazo No. 1 (2011) by German Dario Perez (b. 1968). After a brief introduction, the study presents a review of related literature. Chapters two and three are independent: while chapter two, discusses the different resources available in this field, chapter three presents an historical overview of Colombian art music in the 20th and 21st centuries with brief explanations of traditional rhythms and dances that influence most of contemporary Colombian art music. The outline of discussion in each of the remaining chapters features: composer's life, compositional style, list of works, overview of the selected work, and a collaborative pianist's perspective. The works studied in this project encompass a wide variety of styles and techniques, and represent an important source of learning for performers, educators, and musicologists interested in incorporate contemporary Colombian chamber music into the classrooms and concert halls.