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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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Konstantinos A Sierros

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Dimitris Korakakis

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Terence Musho

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Edward Sabolsky

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Konstantinos A Sierros

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Charter Stinespring


Novel material synthesis and green engineering innovations in manufacturing are important enablers of new technologies. Here, a range of functional materials systems and their processing through additive manufacturing are investigated. The materials studied consist of Ag, ZnO and TiO2 based inks for additive manufacturing with potential application across multiple technological fields.;In particular, the synthesis of multi-functional emulsion inks, and their deposition through continuous-flow direct writing are investigated. Highlights of this work include the study of the curing/sintering conditions of such ink systems aiming for fundamental insights in their synthesis at low-temperatures (below 150°C), compatible with flexible polymeric substrates. Also, the investigation of texturing and microstructural control via ink composition, direct writing conditions and curing/sintering treatments is reported. In addition, the design and investigation of hybrid (organic/inorganic) multiphase composite ink systems for the realization of planar and 3D printable cellular structures, is discussed. Furthermore, the nucleation or decoration of the latter, via encapsulation of the decorative material and/or their precursors in one of the phases of the synthesized ink is investigated.;Special emphasis is placed on an environmentally-friendly approach for the realization of sustainable inks, aiming for industry-transferable developments. Such approach provides the potential to further additive manufacturing and its utilization in a plethora of technological applications; ranging from energy, to waste management and water cleaning, to biomedical.