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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural & Extension Education

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Deborah A. Boone

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Harry N. Boone, Jr

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Jean M. Woloshuk


The purpose of the study was to determine whether participation in WV 4-H agricultural judging teams impacted life skills development. This study measured the current life skill abilities of past 4-H state judging team winners from 1995 to 2006, determined their perception of the influence involvement on a judging team had on that ability, and compared that with the importance of the various life skills in participants' current jobs. A descriptive survey was sent to the target population, who were winners of West Virginia state 4-H agricultural judging team competitions between the years of 1995 and 2006 and competed in the national contest. 4-H judging team participation was found to influence education and career decisions and positively affect development of life skills, including many of those that respondents listed as being highly important in their current jobs. Problem solving, self-motivation, and self-responsibility were seen as having the highest importance in jobs; beyond these, 4-H judging teams also developed skills in learning to learn, teamwork, and decision making.