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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences


Physics and Astronomy

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Mark Koepke

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Paul Cassak

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Paul Miller


The application of bicoherence analysis to plasma research, particularly in non-linear, coupled-wave regimes, has thus far been significantly belied by poor resolution in time, and/or outright destruction of frequency information. Though the typical power spectrum cloaks the phase-coherency between frequencies, Fourier transforms of higher-order convolutions provide an n-dimensional spectrum which is adept at elucidating n-wave phase coherence. As such, this investigation focuses on the utility of the normalized bispectrum for detection of wave-wave coupling in general, with emphasis on distinct implications within the scope of non-linear plasma physics. Interpretations of bicoherent features are given for time series from "shots" at the DIII-D tokamak facility; the solar wind, as measured by the Cluster-II satellite installation; a van der Pol oscillator; and various audio signals, both recorded and contrived. Evaluations of the bicoherence exhibited by simple harmonic relationships are contrasted with those displaying truly non-linear signatures, and the temporal dynamics of their respective bispectra are assessed. Also considered are the curatives and caveats of cogently condensing these 4-dimensional data.