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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Landscape Architecture

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Peter Butler

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Shan Jiang

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Timothy A Warner


Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan regions in the world. To solve the ever-increasing need for housing and to reduce the pressure of the population from the capital city, the Purbachal satellite city was planned. It is the biggest planned township in Bangladesh with an area of over 25 square kilometers. Purbachal is situated at the confluence of the Shitalakhya and Balu rivers. Historically a low-lying wetland, Purbachal has gone through a rapid transformation in past decades. The water bodies around the area have been filled in to create new developable land. Through remote sensing and GIS analysis, this study investigates the transformation of wetland areas in Purbachal New Town.

The study Investigates whether the new developments in the Purbachal New Town followed a natural topography or it was drastically modified from its natural conditions. The study also investigates how these changes in the inherent topographical nature of the area can influence the future of the city. The goal of the study is to explore the complex interrelation of different factors responsible for the growth of a city. The main aim is to formulate a realistic city planning process to synthesize systems city approach with the concept of Biophilic design to create spaces where people will be able to live in harmony with nature.