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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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David Graham

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Jeremy Dawson

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Daryl Reynolds


Analog signal processing (ASP) can be used to decrease energy consumption by several orders of magnitude over completely digital applications. Low-power field programmable analog arrays (FPAA) have been previously used by analog designers to decrease energy consumption. Combining ASP with an FPAA, energy consumption of these systems can be further reduced. For ASP to be most functional, it must achieve rail-to-rail operation to maintain a high dynamic range. This work strives to further reduce power consumption in reconfigurable analog circuitry by presenting a novel data converter that utilizes ASP and rail-to-rail operation. Rail-to-Rail operation is achieved in the data converter with the use of an operational amplifier presented in this work. This efficient yet elementary data converter has been fabricated in a 0.5$\mu$m standard CMOS process. Additionally, this work looks deeper into the challenges of students working remotely, how MATLAB can be used to create circuit design tools, and how these developmental tools can be used by circuit design students.