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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural and Resource Economics

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Xiaoli Etienne

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Jason Hubbart

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Peter Schaeffer


This thesis examines a new economic system with a focus on non-monetary (primarily automation) aspects. Currency has been used in exchange for goods and services and this exchange has often resulted in benefits gained by any given individual. What if that wasn’t the case? How might society function if it was not influenced by currency? This thesis explores this hypothetical concept of an economy without currency with a focus given to automation. Using utility and production functions, discussion is given on how supply and demand functions behave in a non-monetary economy, how governing policy could be handled, and how society could function with the normalization of not having currency as the leading regulation factor. Results of this discussion give focus to a life of leisure in a utopian society due to the assumptions needed to sustain it. These examples of government and society are intended to act as a possible foundation for future research into this type of economy and similar topics.