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The purpose of this study was to outline some detailed history about some parts of the education process in Saudi Arabia especially about the general, higher, female education with a separate part about the curriculum of reading of education and to learn and spread information about the education development that my country is experiencing. The start of this development and its evolution was very difficult, but it passed through stages up to the current stage. We will see these constant changes proven by figures, statistics, and photographs. The detailing of the specifics related to this inventory is an endeavor to track the weak beginning of education in Saudi Arabia, and the main theme of my research is directly related to my own education and specialization at this particular stage through a detailed and continuous inventory of the chronological and consecutive stages through which the education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has passed. A comparison will be made between what happened before and what is taking place today in the education process. These thirty years of development have had to work through plenty of difficulties and obstacles. Some of these hurdles were overcome, but many were too difficult to defeat by the workers in the education process. This process leads to success as well as to inherent deficiencies. The historical outline used in this study will uncover these deficiencies. In general, we can describe this research as an endeavor to identify the starting point of this stage and its subsequent stages, which include creating the education infrastructure by promoting education itself and by explaining and emphasizing the importance of education to the public.