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The primary purpose of this analysis was to evaluate whether student assistants in the gymnasium could assist the teacher in improving skill development. In this study, six novice students were chosen from a 5 th grade class based on scores from a pretest of juggling catches and cascades. One other fifth grade student from the same class was chosen as a student assistant by the physical education teacher based on leadership, maturation, respect, and maturity. Six single case studies were conducted for approximately 16 days. Supplementary dependent variables such as feedback, verbal cues, and modeling were also examined. These dependent variable analyses were used to examine teacher and student assistant's behaviors. Findings indicated that students practicing under the direction of a student assistant were as effective as they were under the direction of the teacher. The results of the supplementary dependent variables indicated that a classroom teacher might be in favor of student assistants in the classroom. The data supported the research on reciprocal style of teaching. The supplementary variables studied showed that teacher behaviors almost doubled when the class was divided and the student assistant was used in teaching.