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The Toroidal Helical Antenna (THA) is a newly patented antenna design, that has a small physical profile. The THA is a wire antenna which consists of one or more conductor helices wrapped about a toroidal core, usually with different pitch senses. The conductor helices are generally fed from one or more ports. An important class of THA is the Contrawound Toroidal Helical Antenna (CTHA) which has two helices with uniform pitches, opposite senses, and one feeding port. This dissertation presents the development and the implementation of a computer model for investigating the THA in order to optimize its performance by predicting its optimal parameters. This model is implemented by a software simulator which uses a piecewise sinusoidal method of moments (MoM). MoM is a general numerical method for solving operator equations such as those of the antenna problem. Object oriented programming (OOP) is implemented throughout the simulator in order to achieve an accurate representation of the THA as well as a better programmer/user interface. This simulator will be a useful design tool for optimizing the THA performance. The main advantage of this simulator is that its engine is available to analyze any other antenna, although it is optimized for the THA.