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Composed by Debussy in 1913, as incidental music for Psyche , a dramatic poem by French symbolist poet and playwright Gabriel Mourey, the work for solo flute known today as Syrinx, has since become a standard of the solo flute repertoire. Anders Ljungar-Chapelon, editor of a new edition based on a recently recovered period manuscript, has challenged traditional conceptions of the work's compositional context. Debussy's original title for Syrinx was La Flute de Pan and appeared as a musical component of a melodrame within the play, just prior to the death of Pan. The recovery of a probable primary source manuscript plus information gathered from Debussy's correspondence invites a new look at this piece, taking into consideration connections between Mourey's Symbolist poetry and Debussy's compositional procedures. The analysis of the poem and music reveals a process which represents or analogizes the symbolist associations and techniques of the concurrent text thereby creating a convergence between poem and music. This document contains analyses of the relevant portions of the poem, the music, and performance suggestions which enhance this unique confluence between word and music.