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French (Occitan) composer Deodat de Severac (1872-1921) completed his suite Cerdana in 1911. In it he included rhythmic, harmonic and melodic elements of Spanish music, as well as references to Spanish life and culture. In the present project, I have analyzed these influences, and related passages from Cerdana to traditional Spanish music, instruments, dances, and culture from which he drew inspiration. This document includes an introductory chapter with a statement of purpose and limitations of the project, a chapter reviewing the literature studied and a third chapter about Deodat de Severac and Cerdana which constitutes the main body of this project. I have analyzed the specific passages from Cerdana that reflect Spanish influences and described the Spanish dances, musical genres, instruments and traditions alluded to in Severac's suite. A fourth chapter presents suggestions for performance and a fifth chapter offers a summary, conclusions and recommendations for further research. To conclude the project there is a list of works by Deodat de Severac, a discography, a glossary and a bibliography. I would like to encourage all pianists studying Cerdana to enjoy the beauty of the music, the warmth and generosity of the composer as reflected in his music and the evocation of the landscapes of the region that he loved.