Todd Goranson

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Upon inspection of the standard collegiate and professional bassoon repertoire in the United States, one observes that most of the solo and chamber works for the instrument are of European or North American origin. While works of Latin American origin have gained a small foothold in the bassoon repertory, it is clear that there is a wealth of new music for bassoon that is largely neglected by North American performers. In the opinion of the author, this phenomenon is not the result of few or inferior compositions for the bassoon originating from these countries; to the contrary, I have concluded that the neglect of these works is often the result of difficulty in obtaining English-language information about the composers and works. This research document presents annotated bibliographical entries for eighty-five selected Latin American solo and chamber works for the bassoon that have been composed since 1975. These works represent a cross-section of many different countries, cultures, and compositional techniques. Included with the descriptions of the work are indications of instrumentation, range, difficulty, length of work, biographical and publisher contact information. As the majority of the works included are influenced to various degrees by the popular music of Latin America, an overview of many prominent musical genres and terms is included to aid the reader.