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Significant research literature supports the need for programs better designed to meet the needs of adolescent substance treatment. There is little research, however, that addresses the identification of characteristics of those adolescents who do not complete treatment. Consequently, this study seeks to identify those characteristics of adolescents by segueing off of another study that proved successful in identifying characteristics among inpatient adult male substance abusers. This study looks at the archival data of 38 adolescents who attended outpatient substance abuse treatment at an experientially-based, substance abuse program designed for adolescents. Methodological processes included the use of demographic variables collected through archival data. A linear discriminant analysis was conducted with this data to determine whether a correlation exists between treatment completers and premature terminators. In addition to the collection and analysis of demographic data, a clinician-rated measure, the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale, was used to determine the relationship between this instrument and the outcome of premature termination versus treatment completion. As revealed by the data collection and analysis, there is a strong relationship between the demographic variables as a whole in identifying adolescent substance abusers who are premature terminators and treatment completers. There was, however, not a strong relationship between the second instrument, the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale, in predicting premature terminators and treatment completers. An increased awareness of the relationship of these demographic variables in identifying adolescents who terminate prematurely and/or complete treatment will be conducive to future program development. Such an understanding of these variables will be useful in case conceptualization, development of treatment strategies, and future research involving the adherence of adolescents in substance abuse treatment.