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This study was designed to examine the current status and utilization of electronically disseminated research (EDR) in academic personnel decisions. The population consisted of 236 institutions classified as Research 1 or 2, or Doctoral 1 or 2 by the Carnegie Foundation's Classification. The identified contact person was the Chief Academic Officer. A cover letter and survey were mailed to each institution. Overall, 100 or 44.1% of the institutions responded. The data was compiled and reviewed by each type of institution and the results reported regarding the modes of response by each question. The data indicted that over 97% of the respondents had a computer in their office and utilized the computer for e-mail purposes. The data also indicated that while 61% had institutional policies regarding traditional types of scholarly activity and research that 100% of the institutions did not have any policy which addressed the utilization or inclusion EDR. Furthermore, while 74% of the institutions required peer review for traditional research, 69.6% of the institutions indicated that peer review was not required EDR. When asked specifically if EDR was equal to traditional research the institutions were split with 50% indicating that “Yes or Maybe” that the two types of research were equal. In reviewing the criteria for consideration of EDR the overall criteria was peer review with others indicating that the criteria be the same as for traditional or print research, and that the importance to the field be a criterion. Procedurally, the institutions were split with just as many responses for department decision base as there were for institutional decision base. The following conclusions were drawn from the findings: (1) Peer review appears to be a factor in determining academic personnel decisions in higher education for both traditional and EDR. (2) Institutions have not yet begun to evaluate or develop policies which address the role or utilization of EDR. (3) Faculty members have the ability to assist in the development of criteria and to promote the use of EDR for academic personnel decisions.