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This paper describes a novel liquid pump which operates by wave action on the free surface. The wave action can be imposed by means of a piston or pneumatically moving fluid in contact with the liquid. This is of particular concern with hostile fluids such as molten metals, chemically corrosive or explosive liquids, or biologically shear stress sensitive fluids such as blood. The object of this research is to determine the theoretical performance of such a pump. Its mass flow rate depends on various parameters such as: wave tank surface area, wave amplitude inside the wave tank, frequency of oscillation, pressure difference across the pump inlet and outlet plenums, density of the fluid and the design of the aero-valves. It has been shown that these parameters can be non-dimensionalized to give the pump pressure versus flow rate characteristics in terms of simple dimensionless ratios. These dimensionless ratios give an insight to the relative significance of the different parameters used for design purposes. This paper covers: component and system analysis, numerical flow simulation and a proof of concept pump test, demonstrating its feasibility. The efficiency is lower than that of conventional pumps but the reliability is superior.