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A mine-wide algorithm for ventilation control has been developed. This algorithm is suitable for use in an underground coal mine equipped with a distributed microprocessor monitoring and control system. It provides a guideline for installing monitoring devices and remotely controlled air regulators. If some airways need certain amounts of air flows, the algorithm will compute the adjustments on all regulators and fans so that desirable air flow can be directed to those airways. The development, assumptions, limits, and system requirements of the algorithm are presented. A section algorithm for control of gas concentration in an airway has been developed. This algorithm is to be used by a ventilation controller in a mine section to determine the required air flow that will keep the gas concentration at a safe level. This controller polls the environmental monitor for air velocity and gas sensor output values in the return airways of the section. When an alarm occurs in gas concentration, the section algorithm is applied to compute the required air flow and sends the result to the central station. It receives commands from the central station and will adjust the vent opening of the regulators accordingly. In addition, it periodically monitors the vent positions to make sure that they are at the required openings. The hardware and software design of the ventilation controller are presented in this report.