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The purpose of this study was to identify the concerns and characteristics that distinguish diabetes educators who exhibit high levels of innovativeness with respect to educational uses of computers from those who do not. The Stages of Concern Questionnaire and a Demographic Questionnaire compiled by the author were used to collect the data. A review of the literature indicated that age of educator and age of client population may be indicators of computer use. These demographic variables were compared with the use of computers for patient education. Other demographic variables were used to describe additional user characteristics. The Stages of Concern Questionnaire was used to determine the group's level of concern regarding computer based patient education. Three hundred Certified Diabetes Educators who are members of the American Association of Diabetes Educators were surveyed to determine a profile of their concerns and characteristics regarding computer based patient education. One hundred and sixty-nine questionnaires were completed for a 57% response rate. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and chi-square to test for independence. The results of the demographic data analysis indicated that there was no relationship between age of educator or age of client population, and the use of computer based patient education. The Stages of Concern data demonstrated concerns consistent with "early nonuser" concerns. The results of this study support those reported in the literature regarding the use of computer based patient education by diabetes educators. Generally, most educators surveyed do not use computer based patient education, although a majority own computers or use them at work. The respondents expressed concerns related to information and awareness about computer based patient education. This group of diabetes educators could be categorized as supportive of, and interested in computer based patient education as an educational strategy. The primary concerns expressed related to limited availability of computers for patients and financial resources to support computer based patient education.