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This dissertation is a case study of the University of Maryland at College Park for the purpose of analyzing the communication patterns that may have been responsible for the success of UMCP's downsizing process. On campus interviews with key persons were conducted to identify the flow of communication through the UMCP authority hierarchy. The findings of this study indicated that the communication, that appears to have had a positive effect on the success of the process at the UMCP, is manifest at the decision making level and between and among the decision making bodies that are in operation on the campus of UMCP. The findings indicate that the dominant authority structure and related decision making process at UMCP was a collegial structure. This accounts for the flow of communication, formal and informal, that achieved a consensus of the campus that supported the downsizing plan. The study views common goals, faculty participation, and open deliberations to weigh heavily in gaining a consensus of the campus community in dealing with drastic reduction measure.