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The purpose of the study was to conduct a historical research concerned with Frank D. Sills as related to his administrative years at East Stroudsburg State College, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. It records his accomplishments, and accentuates his contributions to the college during the years he served as Director of Health and Physical Education, the Graduate School and as President. The study serves as a historical reference for those surveying administration, especially in regard to Sills' background, his techniques, and his affectuations forged in real life-evolving situations. Procedures for accumulating cause and effect data include: the study of existing East Stroudsburg State College files covering the myriad College functions; extensive interviews with those people involved in the incidents and time periods under scrutiny; depth interviews with the subject; examination of all published material relating to the topic, a search of the Archives Room of East Stroudsburg State College; a study of the files of state and district related organizations; a critique of pertinent personal memorabilia available from the subject; an exploration of programs, addresses, state and national reports; an examination of published material relating to the period under study, and an investigation of previous biographical dissertations. Material utilized was evaluated by the external-internal guidelines with primary data being treated with high priority. The study was structured to examine Sills' life before 1959; a social-historical perspective of the 1959-71 period; the years Sills served as a Director of Health and Physical Education and Graduate School and President of East Stroudsburg State College; and his pertinent professional and community activities. Sills' years before coming to East Stroudsburg in 1959 were examined. An investigation of his professional employment years demonstrated the early influences of home, education, and outside activities in shaping the interests, goals and beliefs of the subject. These interests were shown academically in the sciences, sports in many forms, and an evolving humanistic approach to life. During Sills' professional employment and military duty, a clear indication of service to mankind was evident. Later in graduate study and employment at Iowa, a professionally involved, talented, intellectually curious, and caring person was portrayed. These traits definitely affected many of his later administrative tactics. At East Stroudsburg, Sills proved to be an excellent leader for a growing Physical Education Department. He changed the department's direction curriculum-wise, brought in a diverse, talented faculty, encouraged professionalism both locally and nationally, and developed facilities for maximum benefit, and reorganized the administrative aspects of the department. Implementing and directing the Graduate Department, while at the same time leading the largest department on campus illustrates Sills' vast abilities. As President Sills reorganized the total College. He aided, abetted and redirected the facility development and influenced the curriculum content and direction. The College family became partners in running the College. Sills' truly humanistic concern was obvious to all. A serious health problem brought Sills' personal efforts to a conclusion. After recovery and a return to teaching and professional involvement, Sills retired from the College in 1977.