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Trisutji Djuliati Kamal (b Jakarta, 1936) is one of the most prolific of Indonesian composers. Her compositions encompass a wide range of genres including orchestral, chamber, choral, solo piano, opera, ballet, and film music. Due to her childhood musical background, which was dominated by the Javanese musical culture and tradition, combined with her Western musical training in Europe, many of her compositions exhibit the ingenious amalgamation of the musical idioms taken from both traditions. Sunda Seascapes is a set of seven character pieces written for solo piano. Two of the pieces in the set that most strongly exhibit the unique traits of the amalgamation between the two styles are Nuansa Selat Sunda (Nuances of the Sunda Straight) and Misteri Pulau Sanghyang (Mystery of Sanghyang Island). This study provides an analysis and discussion on form, structure, and musical elements that are of Indonesian origin, especially those of the gamelan, and Western musical practices. An analysis of Debussy’s Pagodes, a piano composition most frequently cited as being associated with the Javanese gamelan is included. This document may serve as a resource for musicians and scholars who are interested in studying the works of Trisutji Kamal, and for those who interested in exploring the amalgamation between the Javanese gamelan and Western musical practice.