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Physics and Astronomy


: An experimental apparatus is described for multidimensional optical spectroscopy with fully automated polarization control, based on liquid crystal variable retarders. Polarization dependence of rephasing two-dimensional coherent spectra are measured in a single scan, with absolute phasing performed for all polarization configurations through a single automated auxiliary measurement at the beginning of the scan. A factor of three improvement in acquisition time is demonstrated, compared to the apparatus without automated polarization control. Results are presented for a GaAs quantum well sample and an InGaAs quantum well embedded in a microcavity

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Wahlstrand, J. K., Wernsing, G. M., Paul, J., & Bristow, A. D. (2019). Automated polarization-dependent multidimensional coherent spectroscopy phased using transient absorption. Optics Express, 27(22), 31790.


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