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Statler College of Engineering and Mining Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering


In this paper, we present distributed cooperative and regret-matching-based learning schemes for joint transmit power and beamforming selection for multiple antenna wireless ad hoc networks operating in a multi-user interference environment. Under the total network power minimization criterion, a joint iterative approach is proposed to reduce the mutual interference at each node while ensuring a constant received signal-to-interference and noise ratio at each receiver. In cooperative and regret-matching-based power minimization algorithms, transmit beamformers are selected from a predefined codebook to minimize the total power. By selecting transmit beamformers judiciously and performing power adaptation, the cooperative algorithm is shown to converge to a pure strategy Nash equilibrium with high probability in the interference impaired network. The proposed cooperative and regret-matching-based distributed algorithms are also compared with centralized solutions through simulation results.

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Zeydan, E., Kivanc, D., Tureli, U. et al. Joint iterative beamforming and power adaptation for MIMO ad hoc networks. J Wireless Com Network 2011, 79 (2011).


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