Roll for Initiative! 101 Just Leveled Up: Choosing Intentionality in Course Redesign

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As demand for the health sciences (HS) section of the Library's introductory credit-bearing information literacy course outpaced available course seats and after a change to the course registration software made the section difficult to locate, a need was identified to update the coursework to be more relevant to HS students' specific learning needs. Three HS librarians and the Libraries' Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support (OCIS) collaborated to revamp this section to better meet the needs of future healthcare professionals. The revamped coursework was instituted beginning Fall 2021, and in Fall 2022 the section became its own unique class.


The course revision used the ADDIE and backward design models. We analyzed faculty demand and HS student information literacy needs. After reviewing the HS section content, we re-designed the course based on this analysis. OCIS assisted the HS librarians with course development and led the content implementation into Blackboard, our CMS.

To evaluate, we reviewed Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEIs) pertaining to course design. We also used text-mining on the students' end-of-course reflection reports; a sentiment analysis examined students' emotional response to the course and topic modeling determined if topics found in the students’ reflections align with the course outcomes.


This presentation will present and discuss class assignments, analysis of SEIs and student reflections, and lessons learned through implementing the course.


Moving forward, we will continue gathering feedback each semester on course successes and pain points. Small adjustments to wording and presentation of assignments have been implemented for Fall 2022. Next steps include creating project overview videos, a course glossary, and making room in the class for students to evaluate digitized historical patient education materials in preparation for creating their own.


This poster was presented at the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association's annual meeting, MAC 2022, October 23-25, 2022, Richmond, VA. A copy of this presentation can also be found in in the conference’s repository hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University's VCU Scholars Compass:

2022Fall_ULIB102Syllabus.docx (31 kB)
ULIB 102 Syllabus Sample

ULIB 102 Final Projects Directions and Rubrics.docx (38 kB)
ULIB 102 Final Projects Instructions & Rubrics

2022 MACMLA ULIB 102 Poster.pdf (1947 kB)
2022 MACMLA ULIB 102 Poster