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In this study, three tables common to all Input-Output studies; the Transactions Table, the Direct Requirements Table and the Interdependence Table, were developed using primary data for all industries except agriculture which was developed from secondary data. The Input-Output Model is composed of 74 producing industries, 9 final demand sectors and 9 final payments sectors. During 1967, the economy of Northeast Texas recorded total sales of goods and services valued in producer's prices of $5.58 billion. Wages received amounted to $1.59 billion; residual income amounted to $38.8 million; taxes paid to federal, state and local government amounted to $330.96 million. Total exports exceeded total imports by $358.4 million in 1967. Crude petroleum was the largest single export. The final demand multipliers ranged from 2.27 for the dairy processing industry to a low of 1.029 for the apparel industry.