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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Wood Science and Technology

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Ray R. Hicks.


Four hundred and fifty-one Non-Industrial-Private-Forest (NIPF) owners (49% response rate) in West Virginia responded to a survey of their forestry assistance needs. Most of the socioeconomic characteristics of the respondents, their reasons for owning the property, the types of activities they were engaged in on the property and the agencies that provided assistance by themselves significantly (Chi2 & ANOVA) differentiated those interested and not interested in obtaining assistance. However, when all 39 factors were considered together (Logistic Regression) only a small number of these factors were needed to explain the difference between landowners wanting and not wanting a specific assistance topic. Landowner income and tenure were recurrent factors in the logistic analysis. Results of the study can be used to target landowners for specific topics as well as gear workshops or programs that reflect the property uses and activities conducted by these landowners within their property.;The West Virginia State Division of Forestry provided grant funding for the project Improving Resource Management on Non-Industrial-Private-Forest lands in West Virginia through Assessment and Training.