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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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David Martinelli.


A nationwide survey, durability test, and visibility test were conducted for concrete median barrier delineation. PENNDOT was encountering with delineators becoming detached due to harsh conditions in the roadside areas, as well as visibility problems in spot locations prone to fog. From the results of the research it was recommended that in areas prone to poor visibility conditions, PENNDOT consider decreasing the longitudinal spacing and providing delineation lower on the barrier than shown in the standards. With respect to the durability, in instances where the "peel-n-stick" delineators are comparable in price to obtaining the delineator and adhesive separately, that special consideration should be given to the "peel-n-stick" delineators. Their installation time was found to be less, and their durability was perfect over the one year period monitored. They should also be given special consideration in instances where traveler delay due to the traffic control set up to install the delineators is critical. Finally, the literature review revealed that the ultimate solution to delineation under poor visibility conditions is light-emitting delineation and should be considered as a long term solution.