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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

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Kyle J. Hartman.


In rivers, velocity shelters are thought to serve as limiting factors in the retention and recruitment of young fish. Such shelters are formed in backwaters and tributaries, however these areas are limited in the Marmet Pool of the Kanawha River, West Virginia. In response to this concern, several structures that are thought to serve as low velocity zones were placed within the Marmet Pool. This study was conducted to evaluate the experimental rock structures (Finger and Zipper Dikes) as potential mitigation for navigational impact and to determine which sampling gears are best to sample these shallow, structurally diverse areas. The study was conducted over the course of two years. For each rock structure (treatment), we had two reference areas (high and low quality) that reflected typical river habitat. During the first year we sought to evaluate the effectiveness of three larval sampling devices (light traps, benthic sleds, and activity traps) to sample the rock structures and their associated reference areas. During 2003, we sought to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the rock structures as larval fish habitat. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).