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College of Education and Human Services


Learning Sciences and Human Development

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R. Neal Shambaugh.


This study explores the use of attribution retraining in a community college, distance learning course. Attribution training is a form of psychotherapy used in an attempt to shift an individual's attitude, motivation, and locus of control (LOC).;Locus of control is a measure of how one attributes success and failure. Those with internal locus of control believe they are responsible and control their fate while those with external locus of control tend to look for fault outside of themselves.;The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of attribution training, which consisted of a multimedia, interactive intervention called Just Think It, on an online instructional technology course. The research questions examined the impact of attribution retraining on locus of control scores, grade point average, and course retention. Little research has been done on the use of attribution retraining to alter locus of control in a distance learning environment.;The participants consisted of students enrolled in the online course, EDU202 Instructional Technology in the summer and fall 2007 semesters. A quasi-experimental research design was used whereas treatment and control groups were each given a pre and posttest using Rotter's LOC survey. The treatment group received the intervention and the control group did not. Results were compared along with final grade averages and course retention statistics.;Results indicated that no significant change existed as the result of the intervention for locus of control or grade point average. However, course retention rates proved to be slightly higher for the treatment group than those of the control group.