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Problem/Project Report

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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Roy S. Nutter

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Yanfang Ye

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Hany H. Ammar


An automated basketball scoring system is configured to detect when a shot is made. In addition, this system can be modified for recreation or training purposes. A Conductive Rubber Cord Stretch Sensor is used to detect if a shot has been successfully made. This Conductive Rubber cord is laced around the net and it stretches when basketball passes through the net. Careful comparison of differences in the analog voltage values helps in identifying when a valid shot is made. In this scoring system, the basketball hoop is lit up using LEDs which change colors in Red-Green-Blue order at regular intervals. The point value of each basket is decided based on the color of the LEDs when the shot has been made unlike in conventional basketball game where the point value depends on from where the shot had been made. This system is also provided with options to manually increase and decrease the score along with start, pause, and restart the game options.