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Problem/Project Report

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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Saiph Savage

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Elaine M. Eschen

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Donald Adjeroh


There has always been an invisible gap between members of the scientific community - scholars (professors & researchers), science fans (subject matter experts) and novices (general public who are enthusiastic about science or any other field). This report aims at bridging that gap and exploring to what extent the scientic community is willing and able to share their knowledge with the general public. Several studies were conducted both on Twitter and manually. The results of these studies were vital in proposing a system that could help increase the level of sharing of knowledge by scholars and science fans in addition to motivating novices to explore the research areas of their favorite fields. The proposed system was implemented on Twitter. This report documents all the findings of the studies conducted, the proposed system and process flow. The later part of the report documents how the system was implemented on Twitter. This report is concluded by discussing the results that show how scholars and science fans and novices reacted to the system and limitations of the system.