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This document aims to contribute to the established scholarship that highlights the role gender and sexuality has with one’s fundamental relationship to composition and music technology. The profession of electronic music composition and music production are strongly associated with notions of power and control, as much of this technology was built during the World Wars and Cold War. These aggressive views have created gendered language and metaphors in the field. Metaphors are the primary way in which we accommodate and assimilate information and experience to our conceptual organization of the world. It is at the source of our capacity to learn and at the center of our creative thought. I hope to continue the discussion of language, metaphors, and various approaches to composing and working with music technology through a historical overview of women’s achievements and difficulties in the electroacoustic community.

Elainie Lillios, Jess Rowland, and Carolyn Borcherding were selected to be interviewed for this document. Each interview allows them the opportunity to discuss their music, their approach to composition and their use of technology as part of their artistic process, and to discuss their roles of educators and their approach to pedagogy to further contribute to the scholarship and history of electroacoustic composers.