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The objective of this study was to experimentally determine the behavior of a solid-gas jet issuing into a transverse gas stream. The z’esults of this study should also pertain to other types of two phase jets injected into a cross flow; in particulars atomized liquidgas jets into a gas stream and solid-liquid jets into a liquid stream. Applications for such processes might include the dynamics of liquid fuels injected into turbine combustion chambers and effluents injected into rivers. The application which led to the choice of this dissertation topic was the study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) involving the injection of a limestone-air mixture into a fossil fueled boiler. This was a feasibility study of a process to reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide. This gas when combined with water vapor forms sulfuric acid, a highly corrosive agent. However, because of the flow geometry of the boiler and the multiple nozzle interaction, studies related to this application did not yield general relationships for the trajectory and dispersion of solid-gas jets. Therefore, the study of a single, solid-gas jet issuing into a uniform cross stream is of current interest. A