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ACCT; Accounting

ACE; Athletic Coaching Education

ADPR; Advertising and Public Relations

ADRC; Adventure Recreation

ADV; Advertising

AEM; Applied and Environmental Microbiology

AFCS; Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Science

AGBI; Agricultural Biochemistry

AGEE; Agricultural and Extension Education

AGRL; Agriculture

AGRN; Agroecology

ANES; Anesthesiology

ANNU; Animal Nutrition

ANPH; Animal Physiology

ANPR; Animal Production

ANRD; Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

ANTH; Anthropology

ARBC; Arabic

ARE; Agriculture and Resource Economics

ARHS; Art History

ARSC; Arts and Sciences (Internship)

ART; Art

ASP; African/American Studies

ASTR; Astronomy

AT; Athletic Training

ATTR; Athletic Training

AVIA; Aviation Management

A&VS; Animal & Veterinary Sciences

BADM; Business Administration

BCOR; Business Core

BETH; Business Ethics

BIBY; Bibliography

BIOC; Biochemistry

BIOL; Biology

BIOM; Biometric Systems

BIOS; Biostatistics

BLAW; Business Law

BMEG; Biomedical Engineering

BMP; Behavior Medicine and Psychiatry

BMS; Biomedical Sciences

BTEC; Business Technology

BUDA; Business Data Analytics

BUSA; Business Administration

CCB; Cell Cancer Biology

CCMD; Conjoined Courses

CDFS; Child Development/Family Studies

CE; Civil Engineering

CHE; Chemical Engineering

CHEM; Chemistry

CHIN; Chinese

CHPR; Community Health Promotion

C&I; Curriculum and Instruction

CIS; Computer Information Systems

CJ; Criminal Justice

CLAS; Classics

CMGT; Construction Management

COMM; Communication Studies

COUN; Counseling

CPE; Computer Engineering

CPSY; Counseling Psychology

CRIM; Criminology

CS; Computer Science

CSAD; Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSEE; Computer Science

CTS; Clinical and Translational Sci

CYBE; Cybersecurity

CYBR; Business Cybersecurity

DANC; Dance

DENT; Dentistry

DISB; Disability Studies

DMC; Data Marketing Communications

DRET; Computerized Drafting and Design Engineering Technology

DSCI; Data Science

DSGN; Design Studies

DSM; Design and Merchandising

DTHY; Dental Hygiene

ECON; Economics

ECSE; Early Childhood Special Educ

EDHS; Education and Human Services

EDLS; Education Leadership Studies

EDP; Educational Psychology

EDUC; Education

EE; Electrical Engineering

ELET; Electronic Engineering Technology

EMCP; Emergency Medicine Certificate Program

ENCP; Environmental and Community Planning

ENDO; Endodontics

ENGL; English

ENGR; Engineering

ENLM; Energy Land Management

ENTO; Entomology

ENTR; Entrepreneurship

ENVE; Environmental Engineering

ENVP; Environmental Protection

EPID; Epidemiology

EQST; Equine Studies

ESL; English as a Second Language

ESLP; ESL Preparatory

ESPT; Esports

ETEC; Engineering Technology

EXCG; Exchange Program

EXPH; Exercise Physiology

FCLT; Foreign Culture

FDM; Fashion Design and Merchandising

FDST; Forest Science and Technology

FHYD; Forest Hydrology

FILM; Film

FIN; Finance

FIS; Forensic and Investigative Science

FLIT; Foreign Literature in Translation

FMAN; Forest Management

FMED; Family Medicine

FOR; Forestry

FRCH; French

FRNX; Forensic Investigation

GEN; Genetics

GEOG; Geography

GEOL; Geology

GER; German

GERO; Gerontology

GLO; Global Competency

GRAD; Graduate

GSCM; Global Supply Chain Management

HDFS; Human Development and Family Studies

HIED; Higher Ed Administration

HIIM; Health Informatics and Information Management

HIST; History

HMBA; Healthcare MBA

HNF; Human Nutrition and Foods

HONR; Honors

HORT; Horticulture

HPML; Health Policy, Management and Leadership

HRL; Human Resource Leadership

HRMG; Human Resource Management

HTOR; Hospitality/Tourism

HUM; Humanities

HUMS; Human Services

ID; Interior Design

IDT; Instructional Design and Technology

IENG; Industrial Engineering

IEP; Intensive English Program

IH&S; Industrial Hygiene and Safety

ILR; Industrial and Labor Relations

IMC; Integrated Marketing Communication

IMMB; Immunology & Med Microbiology

INBS; International Business

INDT; Industrial Technology

IntPrograms; Intercollegiate Programs

INTS; International Studies

ISYS; Information Systems

ITAL; Italian

JAPN; Japanese

JRL; Journalism

LANG; Language Teaching Methods

LARC; Landscape Architecture

LAW; Law

LDR; Leadership Studies

LE; Literacy Education

LEGS; Legal Studies

LING; Linguistics

MAE; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MANG; Management

MATH; Mathematics

MCNR; McNair

MDIA; Media Studies & Technology

MDS; Multidisclipinary Studies

MED; Medicine

MICB; Microbiology and Immunology

MILS; Military Science

MINE; Mining Engineering

MIST; Management Information Systems Technology

MKTG; Marketing

MUSC; Music

NAS; Native American Studies

NBAN; Anatomy

NEUR; Neurology

NRSC; Neuroscience

NSCI; Neuroscience

NSG; Nursing

OBST; Obstetrics and Gynecology

OEHS; Occupational and Environmental Health

ORGL; Organizational Leadership

ORIN; Orientation

ORTH; Orthodontics

OTH; Occupational Therapy

PA; Physician's Assistant

PALM; Path, Anatomy & Lab Medicine

PASS; Physical Act / Sport Sciences

PATH; Pathology

PCOL; Pharmacology and Toxicology

PDA; Petroleum Data Analytics

PDCI; Clinical Integration

PE; Physical Education

PEDI; Pediatrics

PERI; Periodontics

PET; Physical Education/Teaching

PHAR; Pharmacy

PHIL; Philosophy

PHYS; Physics

PLSC; Plant Science

PNGE; Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

POLS; Political Science

PORT; Portugese

PPTH; Plant Pathology

PR; Public Relations

PROS; Prosthodontics

PSIO; Physiology

PSYC; Psychology

PT; Physical Therapy

PUBA; Public Administration

PUBH; Public Health

RBA; Regents Bachelor of Arts

RDNG; Reading

REHB; Rehabilitation Counseling

RELG; Religious Studies

RESM; Resource Management

RPTR; Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources

RT; Respiratory Therapy

RUSS; Russian

SAFM; Safety Management

SAGE; Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship

SBEN; Small Business Entrepreneurship

SBHS; Social and Behavioral Sciences

SCFD; Social and Cultural Foundations

SEES; Slavic and Eastern European Studies

SENG; Software Engineering

SEP; Sport and Exercise Psychology

SHED; School Health Education

SM; Sport Management

SOC; Sociology

SOCA; Sociology and Anthropology

SOWK; Social Work

SPAN; Spanish

SPED; Special Education

SRVL; Service Learning

ST; Surgical Technology

STAT; Statistics

STCM; Strategic Communication

SURG; Surgery

SUST; Sustainability Studies

THET; Theatre

UGST; Undergraduate Studies

ULIB; Library Instruction

USAF; United States Air Force

UTCH; Uteach Program

VETS; Veterinary Science

WDSC; Wood Science

WGST; Women and Gender Studies

WMAN; Wildlife and Fisheries Management

WRLD; Foreign Lang, Lit, and Cult

WVUe; Undergraduate Studies

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